About Me

Writer who will gladly give up sleep to read or write. My book tastes vary, but I mainly read YA and NA. I'm also a sucker for anything historical. My first MS is YA dystopian and currently working on a NA apocalyptic.

I'm the youngest of seven girls. One is my twin and a writer too. You can check her out here. I live in SC, but miss my home state of MD. I'm a yankee at heart and always will be.

I work as an editor now, but in previous lives, I've been an aide in a school for special needs children, and I used to be hospital photographer, taking pictures of all those newborn babies.

I miss the snow and wish it could be cold all year. I'll never understand people that like the heat.

I'm a bit of a hippie.

Okay, not that much, but I do dream of having a little farm, but only with chickens. Okay, maybe a mini cow. Side note, I love that ^ shirt. My grandma made it for my mom in the 60's.

I'm huge Star Wars fan, and my first crush was Luke.

I love photoshopping and editing pictures.

I drink too much coffee.

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